MODEL: IDL-80700CD4 / 2 needles 4 threads jumbo bag making machine with top feed


Trade Description





IDL-80700CD4 is universally applicable for all seams on CONTAINER BAGS, e. g. side seams, bottom seams, inserting top covers and attaching filling and discharging tubes. Easy crossing of side seams and belts. Stops adjustable in needle up and down position with simultaneously lifting the presser foot and upper feed dog.

 Air foot lifting devicehot cutter devicework table and special thread stander are on request.


转速 / Speed  : 1,400 r.p.m.

/ Needle :2

线 / Thread :4

针幅 / Needle Distance :7.2 mm

针距 / Stitch Range  : 6.8-12mm

厚度 / Thickness  : 18 mm